I once spoke with a groom who told me that he received 2,000 images from his wedding photographer. I responded saying - "that's incredible"! To which he said; Yea, pretty incredible alright, just a pity - they were all terrible! :)

The lesson is — quality, not quantity. Imagine the frustration looking through all your images, and all terrible! The point is obvious. You want a good selection of competent photos that will hold up over time - that will faithfully represent you as a couple and the essence of your wedding day.

So be warned; anyone who offers a hideously high volume of images - be very very wary!

I give around 500-800 images - which currently seems to be the universal standard - for all the top photographers. It's still a fair amount!

Considering that this is a relatively new digital phenomenon (500 plus images) - It's caused me to wonder how many photos will matter to the couple ten, twenty, thirty years down the line? No one can say, because as I said - this is a new phenomenon.

I guess, that no more than 100-200 images max - will be remembered by the couple. Hence why you want to make sure that whoever shoots your wedding will accomplish capturing 200 quality memorial images! Pictures that matter, heartfelt ones. That way, you're covered for a lifetime!

Just think about it - wedding pictures are life long investment! That Groom in whom I referred has a lifetime regret of hiring a bad photographer who gave him 2,000 terrible images! Don't let that be the case with you - hire someone experienced - who has consistency in their portfolio.

If you would like to find out more, send me an email, and I'll happily consult you.

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Thank you for considering me to be your wedding photographer. I take a limited amount of bookings each year, which ensures that my service, enthusiasm, and quality of work remains to a very high standard. You deserve the best, and I promise to exceed your expectations.

“Jason is like having one of your best friends shoot your wedding, he put us at ease, laughing and joking. The photos he took when we weren't looking were just incredible; he captured moments we will treasure forever.”
Chupi (Irish Jewellery Designer)

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