Can you trust your Wedding Photographer? Herein lies the important question every couple must ask. A couple getting married knows the value of trust - that it must be earned; it's no different when hiring a photographer - they must prove to be worthy of it. 

After all, you only get one chance at your wedding; you can't go back and retake the pictures! And you certainly don't want to hire someone who causes strain on the most important day of your life, so make sure you do homework!

In this post, I highlight three major indicators of what to look out for before hiring, so you'll be confident that you've found someone worthy of your trust. It's by no means a fully comprehensive guide, but it is a starting point. Broken down, it's

1. Experience

2. Track Record

3. Consistency


Weddings can have mishaps, and things don't always go according to plan. Thus, having someone who's encountered similar issues prior will be paramount to ensure your day goes smoothly. 

An experienced photographer will handle mishaps calmly and help find solutions because they've been there before, and that's the value of experience.

In contrast, inexperienced photographers will get stressed when mishaps occur, which will make you more stressed! They won't possess the confidence to overcome hurdles as they've possibly never tackled them before. 

Knowledge and Foresight

An experienced photographer has a greater awareness of what weddings entail, and they can foresee things that an inexperienced photographer won't. 

The art of positioning is an essential skill for a wedding photographer: Knowing when and where to be is critical.

Anticipating The Father of the Bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Or knowing the best location to capture the Groom's first glance at the Bride. Or the first kiss - the list goes on! These beautiful, joyous moments are once in a life - literally! :) - so don't leave them in the hands of someone who lacks the knowledge and foresight to anticipate them. Unlike a movie, there is no second take, so it's a pretty big deal to hire someone you can trust will capture them. 

It's Not Always About Getting More Shots

Sometimes refraining from taking pictures and backing off is best practice. You may think taking as must pictures as possible at any given time is always desirable. Not so. An experienced photographer works smart, whereas an inexperienced photographer works hard! What would you prefer: A photographer taking thousands of pictures in a frenzy, working up a big sweat? Or a photographer who works quietly and confidently and knows precisely when to anticipate and capture the best moments?

Weddings are very emotional occasions, full of precious and meaningful moments, so hiring someone sensitive to that is paramount. Let's say the Bride feels overwhelmed in the morning and needs a moment to calm down. I always step away and give the Bride space when that happens. The most important thing for her is to feel comfortable and at ease

Likewise, when guests are eating. No one wants to be photographed while eating; it's not a suitable occasion for photos - it makes guests uncomfortable. An experienced photographer knows when the opportune moments occur and how to capture them discretely. 

Pointing a camera can be harsh at certain times, so I sometimes refrain from doing it. Camera's can be intimidating for some people; I respect that, so I don't invade their space if they feel that way. I have a good read on people - so I know the appropriate moments to click and the moments to put the camera down. 


Does the photographer have a proven track record? Have you read any testimonials to see what others are saying? Does the commentary match up? These are all essential questions to investigate, as testimonials are the best trust indicators. 

It would also help to look out for reoccurring points past couples are making. It will give you a better understanding of where the photographer is thriving, thus navigating you in the right direction. For example, a reoccurring theme from my couples is how I make them feel calm and at ease; and how they barely notice me on the day. If that is your main priority, I may be a good fit!


Every photographer has their 'Best Of' images highlighted and typically showcased on the Header pages on their website and Instagram feed. I do it myself. However, this is a flawed premise to book someone on. Simply put, it's not enough to ensure consistency. 

I know photographers who've got bookings from one or two epic images. That's crazy, as it doesn't reflect the range of pictures of an entire wedding day - not even close! It would help see a broad range of weddings in their galleries; it will give you a clearer picture of how they document the whole day. And if they don't show examples of an entire wedding, I'd be cautious. 

Best of' images are great for photographers to have; they look impressive - but they can be misleading because it doesn't represent how they capture an entire wedding, and it doesn't prove they are an all-round competent photographer. So, resist being captivated by Best Of Images. 

As I mature as a photographer, I'm less moved by epic images; I'm much more impressed by consistency. Please don't hear me wrong; I don't shun epic images. I'm all for an epic sunset image - if the opportunity arises. All I'm saying is - it's not enough to warrant whether someone is an all-rounder. 

I hope this post helps lead you towards the right photographer for your special day. 

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