Trends come and go, especially noticeable over the last few years since the social media era. Unfortunately, a lot of gimmick styles have been doing the rounds. One major issue is this: They might look cool for a while, but they won't hold up ten years down the line! There's a reason why a simple - classic - black & white portrait holds up forever. Like wine, it ages well, and it's appreciation increases over time.

For this reason, you need to watch out for the gimmicky trends. I heard of an Irish photographer who super-imposed a UFO behind the bride and groom for one of the portraits! :) lol. I don't know; perhaps they were big X-Files fans! A somewhat extreme example, but you need to discern the more subtle - not so obvious gimmicks.

I remember a while back photographers were adding so much unnecessary grain to the images, trying to archive this raw look. It's a happy wedding day - not war photography! Or bridal portraits being way too dark and moody - trying to imitate a fashion shoot! Come on; it's a wedding, not a Vogue photoshoot!

Fact is; It just don't hold up. But at first glance, you can be easily lured and deceived - thinking it looks impressive! Give it a few years, and you'll be scratching your heads - wondering why you opted for it! Trust me; a more simplistic approach will go the distance! I've spent over ten years scrutinizing all the styles that come and go, so my level of discernment is very high. It's also helped shape my portfolio to where it is now, and it's given me the confidence and conviction in my style of work.

My advice is: Spend time examining someone's wedding galleries to get an overall feel to their approach. How do they document the day and how do they direct the portraits. Please don't rely on their best of shots on Instagram either! That's a severe error. Ask yourself, how will this look for our 20th anniversary. Will we have photos that will faithfully represent who we are? Just think, if you ever have kids, and they marry, one of your wedding photos will be on their wedding cake. Do you want an incredibly awkward portrait or something simple and beautiful?

There's a lot more I could say on this topic, as it's something I'm deeply passionate about. However, I offer free consultations if you'd like to find out more. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

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“Jason is like having one of your best friends shoot your wedding, he put us at ease, laughing and joking. The photos he took when we weren't looking were just incredible; he captured moments we will treasure forever.”
Chupi (Irish Jewellery Designer)

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