Hi there, my name is Jason McCarthy and I'm a passionate creative photographer, as well as being a pretty chilled out guy!  Since your here, your probably looking for a suitable wedding photographer, so the next few lines might help.  

For weddings I shoot in 'documentary' style capturing the motion of the day unobtrusively, allowing you to experience full enjoyment and complete ease.  It won't feel like a photo shoot and you probably won't even notice me being there! 

I tell the story of your wedding authentically.  Every emotion and every detail as they unfold naturally.  Spontaneous pictures are the best; the joy of the groom when he sees his bride, tears of a mother, a funny expression etc, these are timeless images.  

Wedding images are so important for the years to come, I understand this and make every effort to faithfully represent your day.  When you hire me, you will get a collection of images that will remain special decades down the line.  

If you would like to know more about how I can help you tell the story of your special day, give me a call or an email.  I would love to hear about your wedding plans.